Barbara Black speaks about Love, Death and Flies on Music Borders

1)      Hails, Barbara! How are things in Spain these days? Are you having a nice time?

Here the third virus wave is already beginning so you can imagine…new restrictions, lockdowns, but we are on holidays, that´s the positive thing!!

2)      Can we start with a little bit of the history of Barbara Black? What brought you all together?

Nitro (drummer), Javier (guitar) and I used to play in different bands some years ago and we rehearsed in the same music room. We all had a very good relationship and common musical interests so we decided to start a band together in 2015. Three years later Buffalo Marquez (bass) and Cone (guitar) joined us.

3)      Is there any special meaning behind the band name Barbara Black, or the name of the album, Love, Death & Flies?

The band name it is simple, it is my name, but behind the title of the album there´s a special meaning. In 2019 the band lived some experiencies related to Love (a dark wedding), Death (lost relatives) and Flies (some funny anecdotes). We discovered the writer Augusto Monterroso said that the whole literature is based in these three topics, and we decided that it fitted us perfectly.

4)      What are your influences and what do the rest of the band members bring as influences to the Barbara Black sound?

I love bands as Alter Bridge, Black Stone Cherry, Blues Saraceno, Shinedown, In This Moment, Mr Big, Halestorm, Sixx A.M. and many more. But we also listen to blues and crountry artists such as Jason Aldean, Craig Campbell or Blackberry Smoke. Nitro and Marquez love Pantera´s style, Javier loves David Townsend and Cone likes bands such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Creedence and much more.

5)      Some of the tracks on the album featuring different style of vocals. Please let us know about this thing!

I am a very passionate singer and love to investigate in my instrument. That´s why you can find different vocal ranges: opera, belting, twang, screaming, soft… I´ve been studying for so many years different techniques and I love to have “different colors” for creating my melodies.

6)      What are some of the challenges you faced when combining Metal with various elements?

The great challenge has been that everything had musical coherence. We believe that one of the most beautiful ways to continue evolving in rock is to nurture it with these influences. But of course we always have the aim that the result is beautiful musically speaking.

7)      With the new album released, what is next for Barbara Black? Your album sounds really awesome!

Thank you so much!! We are fighting for some live concerts here in Spain, and some in streaming. We will record our next video “Queen of Flies”and we will start composing soon, we have already some new ideas!

8)      Does everyone in the band have a family or a job that must be balanced with the band’s activities? What are the challenges you face about your personal life?

Yeah sure! We all have our jobs that we must coordinate with rehearsals, concerts and recordings. In Spain, very few people can live only from the profession of musician; most of us have to have two lives.

9)      How has the Internet helped and hurt Barbara Black? I’m sure social media has made it easier to get the word out about the band but illegal downloads probably make it quite difficult to make money recording albums, right?

Yes! Exactly you say it. Internet is a perfect promo tool, but on the other hand everybody listens to your music for free. Merchandising is the only way to give us support.

10)   What is the most important thing, in your opinion, in order to have a long, successful career with Barbara Black?

Working, working and working. To be constant I think is the most important thing. I also think you have to be honest with your music and respectful with all the professionals you work with.

11)   Well, congratulations on the new album, Barbara, to you and the rest of Barbara Black! I hope this is the new step down a long and successful path for you and the band.

Thank you so much for your kind words and this lovely interview. If you let me, I would like to remember metalheads they can visit our website and get our album, t-shirts, facemasks, magnets…whatever they want!! Supporting your metal artist is a very important  thing for our music scene. \m/

Peppy Panou

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