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Inglorious are five musicians who come to from England, with mutual love and respect for the classic musicians of Hard Rock, the great guitar riffs and the vocals that come from the soul. Their influences come from the iconic rock scene and from the 1970s many years before the birth of the band members.

The band formed in February 2014 with Nathan James, who made a name for himself by singing for the multi-platinum Trans-Siberian Orchestra alongside guitar legend and Scorpions member Uli Jon Roth. Nathan was looking for like-minded musicians who wanted to make incredible rock music in a very honest way. He wanted to keep the authenticity of the musicians with their mistakes even without using digital media for correction. He was right at it from the beginning.

The Inglorious consist of frontman Nathan James, guitarist Danny Dela Cruz working with Dan Stevens on an Inglorious dual ax, famous Brazilian bassist Vinnie Colla and drummer Phil Beaver of Mick Fleetwood while still in school) composition that heralds a brand new era for rising British stars Their debut album attracted much of the press and a lot of praise. Queen Brian May said: “You really look like a strong new Deep Purple style with a different inclination – !! And your music is amazing, with amazing vocals! “

On the occasion of the release of their new album We will ride, they spoke exclusively about their course and everything that happens in the world and in music in general !

How did you get involved with music and what was the main reason you decided to create Inglorious ?

I love singing and I realized I could sing from a very young age. It wasn’t until I was about 16 that I discovered my love of rock music and rock singers. I suppose Freddie Mercury was the first, I wanted to be like him. I created inglorious as all my heroes fronted great bands.,..I did want to be a solo artist I wanted to be  in a great band.

As I can see you like to record all together and not just get help from technology. It’s nice to see musicians to think like this in a world addicted to computers. Do you feel that this helps you more to grow up cause sometimes what we want can have the results we love to have?

Previously we recorded like this, almost live. I liked this as it gave all the records a very vintage feel and really captured that raw energy. This time round because of Covid we couldn’t have done that anyways. Also we wanted a sonically exciting fresh, modern sounding album and I think that has definitely been achieved with this new record. We can do both which is nice to have the option, I don’t really have a preference. Whatever works and whatever you want to achieve, both have their pros and cons.

Your new album released these days and I want to know if during pandemic it was easier to work on songs?

Not at all, I actually found it very hard to write the songs at the beginning of the lockdown as I didn’t have anything to inspire me. I am usually inspired by people so after a few months of not seeing anyone It was tough. I also was depressed with the current situation and just didn’t want to write songs. We wrote them up in London before lockdown and I really did miss these trips when lockdown happened here in the UK. It was such a fun experience when we were all together.

We all have to face difficult times now during to pandemic situations and Musicians can’t have the contact we all love in lives. How do you think this will affect music? I mean it’s a way to get money so you can make your work better. Cause we all want to make our dreams come true but money helps us to survive also..

Music has been my living since I was 16 years old. It’s all I know. It has been very hard but I have been trying to keep busy with teaching singing. Not something I really thought I would ever do. But I am enjoying it and love sharing my knowledge with people. I think after the pandemic people will be so excited to go to gigs and tours that all shows will be sold out and venues may close…which is so heartbreaking but some will open. If people buy tickets and show the government we need venues they will have to listen. This year, money hasn’t been as important to me. My family, my animals and not catching  Covid was. I have realized how little I need to survive…I just miss singing in front of people, not the money.

Nathan auditioned for the talent show Voice in 2012 but none of the coaches , Jessie J,, Tom Jones or Danny O’Donoghue , swiveled round in their chair to pick him. In my opinion I still can’t believe this and actually happened to a lot of singers here in Greek TV shows..How do you explain that after this you got more recognition as a band? Do you believe that there’s a reason why they judge like this?

This got me my record deal with frontiers as I was on TV which means millions saw me sing. It’s a different time now and this is important to labels as they need to know people want to hear your music and after I was on TV I had a huge mailing list and followers on social media that I used to get my deal. It also got me my job with TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA who spotted me on there and flew me to the US to do a tour.

 I think rock hasn’t got a place on UK TV, I don’t know about other countries but I just don’t think they understand it  ’cause rock is harder to sing authentically than any other genre. No rock singers get through on the voice UK.

How do u think all this situation will affected music?

It has only paused it…it hasn’t cancelled it. We will be back and we must remain positive. I think out of darkness comes a lot of great art and I believe the next few years we will see more great albums and performances, we are all missing it so much! The fans are ready, we are ready…the bigger problem for young British bands like us…is Brexit.

I should add that the second single “Meduza” from the new album features Joel Hoekstra of Whitesnake. As Nathan said: “I wrote this song with Joel Hoekstra of Whitesnake and I knew it from when I first played that first guitar riff that would make the album. Danny really learned the slide to play it on this song on the album! So nice to share something like this with you for the new year! “

Interview: Helena Kalpia , Editing: Peppy Panou

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