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Kurt Maloo (born Kurt Meier, April 16, 1953, in Zurich, Switzerland) is a Swiss singer-songwriter, composer, and record producer. He first achieved international success in 1986, as the singer and front man of the duo Double with the hit single, “The Captain of Her Heart”.

In 1983, Kurt Maloo and Felix Haug decided to make a go of it as a duo. As Double, they released three 12″ maxi singles—”Naningo” (1983), “Rangoon Moon” and “Woman of the World” (1984) before they had a chance to record their first album. The black-and-white music video for “Rangoon Moon” became a cult clip in Europe and received airplay on VH1 in the United States. Two years later, Double became known worldwide with their first hit single, “The Captain of Her Heart” from their first album, Blue, a best-seller that has been released in more than fifty countries. “The Captain of Her Heart” became a modern-day classic.

In 1987, Kurt Maloo and Felix Haug recorded their second and last album, Dou3le, visualized best in the performance of the legendary Swiss mime group Mummenschanz in the award-winning music video for their song “Devils Ball”, featuring Herb Alpert on trumpet.

Kurt kindly answered Helena Kalpia’s questions for Music Borders Radio.
What was it that pushed you to get into music? With Double you have been very successful all over the world and in Greece as well. What was the ingredient at the time that managed to leave such songs still in people’s hearts? 

I grew up an a household with a lot of music. My mother played the mandolin and used to play and sing and dance with me. I started to learn playing guitar when I was 11 and two years later I worked in my school holidays to make enough money to buy my first electric guitar. It was cool and the girls in my class loved it.
I think in Greek I was more successful with my song Young King in 1996. At least I played in a Saturday night show on TV.  🙂 It’s hard to tell what made The Captain Of Her Heart a worldwide hit, that still gets a lot of airplay after more than 30 years. One reason is the overall atmosphere and of course the piano melody that sticks in your head forever. In english speaking countries the lyrics cut deep into several women’s hearts, who can identify with the woman I sing about in the song. Another reason is that the song is not attached to a certain period of music regarding the style. Therefore it’s timeless.

How do you see the music scene today? 

The music scene today has changed from a very selective situation, dominated by the major record companies to a more wide and democratic one, due to the affordable tools to record an album. My last two albums I recorded at home with on laptop (except for the horns and the collaborations)

Your latest work was in 2016 with single City of rain. Are you thinking of preparing a single or album soon?

City Of Rain is a very personal song, I created for a particular woman. I usually don’t do this. So I have no idea what inspiration will drive me to my next project and if I will be inspired at all.

You wrote a book in 2013 entitled The captain of her heart Log. How did you get the idea to write the book and have you thought about preparing something new?

I found some old week planners from the the 80s and realized who much I’ve already forgotten about this very dense period. I was so busy traveling and recording, I felt I didn’t really worship this time of my life. Therefore I started to write down what happened from my memory and with the help of these week planners. More and more appeared out of the fog and so The Captain Of Her Heart’s Log was born.

Your song was one of our favourite songs here in radio stations and  still we love it.Are you planning to have a live here when we get to normal situation ?

The planning of life shows is up to concert promoters and I haven’t got any requests from Greece so far. But who knows the future?

Helena Kalpia

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