The band TAMSYN from Manchester interrogated by Music Borders Radio before their live event in Athens.

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They are a passionate, and uplifting indie rock band (featured twice on BBC Introducing) focused on memorable riffs, heartfelt melodies and poetic lyrics.

But it’s not that only.

Pure Manchester’s music lovers bring poetry into music and celebrate the heritage of the city making their own music.

Read what they said to Music Borders Radio a few days before the live act in Athens, with Atomic Love as an opening act.

MBR : Please feel free to introduce yourselves to the Greek audience
TAMSYN: We’re a 5 piece, guitar driven indie pop rock band from Manchester, trying to both honour the city’s heritage as well as create our own.
MBR: You are five boys from Manchester, or Madchester with music history that we can’t even measure or dreamed of.
What means for you the “indie” genre and how can you describe your own music?
TAMSYN: The city’s music history is vast and unparalleled, but I think trying to live up to it is futile and can easily become an obsession which could destroy you. All we can do is love it, get influenced by it and try to do it justice by creating our own sound instead of merely copying the great band of its past.
MBR :Finally pop and rock meet its other on indie rock genre. How difficult is for the band to make music from both sides and make it on piece of fine sound like yours?
TAMSYN: I reckon it’s only difficult if you make it so, meaning if you intentionally try to force that fusion. The best thing to do is to be opening minded with your music taste, have varied inspiration sources and to let them help you create your music.

MBR: Poetry with music, is it as difficult as it sounds?
TAMSYN: It can definitely be tricky, as songs tend to be more repetitive at times and oblige to different structural rules, but from ancient times I’m pretty sure songs were simply the marriage of poetry and music, such as the poem of Beowulf that people at the time(and later on) were most certainly reciting in the company of music. I also personally usually write lyrics in the form of poetry and then turn them into songs, and I’m sure Michael (the rhythm guitarist and lyricist of the band) does that too, so I don’t believe the overall idea is hard. It should come natural if you do write both lyrics and music.
MBR : This is your first visit in Greeceor you ever came as tourists in our islands on summertime?
TAMSYN: I was born in Greece so I’ve obviously visited parts of it (mostly Athenswhere I was born though). It will be the first visit for the rest of the band.
MBR: What are your promises for February 2 on Temple in Athens?
TAMSYN: Our promise is to give our everything for a great show. To give you a more tangible promise, our setlist will include a couple surprise covers to make our set more approachable for people who are not as familiar with our own songs
MBR: Give your personal message to your fans here in Greece .
TAMSYN: We’re excited for our first ever gig in Athens and we hope to see as many of you as possible come to enjoy it with us!
 Alexander Anton – Vocals/Bass
Michael Penfold – Rhythm Guitar/Words
Phil Hammill – Lead Guitar
Luke Finch – Percussion
Andrian Sharples – 3rd Guitar