The Mission Jupiter band speaks for the alternative dream-rock sound and their mission on planet Earth !

Mission Jupiter is an alternative dream-rock quintet from Belarus.
The mission is the musical place in the universe! It’s all about nighty mood and cosmic epic sound.
Hints of jazz, unusual sad saxophone and bright female vocal inspired by Massive Attack, The Gathering, Within Temptation, and Ella Fitzgerald. The guitar tone is based on such bands like Him, Dream Theater, and Muse
It was formed in 2015. The history of band’s forming is remarkable. Initially, the future project was organized as a musical experiment. And when the project was created, no one thought that the activity of the band would become something significant and compositionally mature.
The curious fact is that all members of Mission Jupiter band have quite different musical preferences. This fact made them write music that would go beyond the ordinary view and preferences of each musician. Musical liberalism is the main aim and source of inspiration for the band.

Musicians are huge fans of science fiction and space, which is a source of inspiration for them, as well as the main factor that determines Mission Jupiter’s musical style. The guys call their listeners for self-realization, creative success and atmospheric mood.

Mission Jupiter band took part in numerous contests, played a lot of shows in Belarus and also represented its country during the music week in St. Petersburg in April 2016. The band’s work was appreciated by experts and music critics. In addition, the project participated in numerous TV shows in Belarus.

The Band members :

Artyom GulyakevichBass
Vladimir ShvakelGuitar
Shevtsova NastyaVocals
Eugenue ZuevDrums
Dmitri SoldatenkoSaxophone

This is the Mission Jupiter’s info but what they told us in the “interrogation” ?

Music Borders : Hello Mission JupiterPlease feel free to introduce yourselves to the Greek audience!

Mission Jupiter : Hello! Thanx for having us! We are “Mission Jupiter” band from Minsk, Belarus. We are a group of enthusiastic people loving different music genres, but still having some similar favorite bands. The music “Mission Jupiter” creates contains atmospheric space hints. We are not afraid of experimenting and mixing various genres. The full name of our style is called “alternative dream rock”. Once you hear our album, you will understand why. We have lots of plans and goals.

What else can I say… we are very good friends and always enjoy spending some time together, which makes our work even more exciting. 

Music Borders : Strange name for an alternative rock band. But is there a mystery behind the name of the band and are you an alternative rock band or you are something more?

Mission Jupiter : Great question!

Well, our mission is our music. We tend to reach the ideal – planet Jupiter, which is the greatest planet of the Solar System. We all love space, which inspires and fascinates us. From the very founding date of our band, we had some variants of how to name the band, but we always returned to “Mission Jupiter”, which really suits us best. Honestly, we sorted out a lot of names for our band!

Music Borders : Especially on “I will survive ” you mixed 3 kinds of music genres. Music format with a taste of operatic, jazz, rock essences. This is the taste that i take when i hear the Architecture, your debut album. Which are your influences and how can you put it all together in one amazing solution?

I mean is it so difficult as it sounds?

Mission Jupiter : Difficult is not the right word to describe the process of creating  “I Will Survive”. It is extremely exciting, especially when you find out, in the end, that all three genres come together harmoniously forming one common song. Actually, this song can be compared with the people in our band: we are so different, but we can’t imagine ourselves without one another! We are all happy to be in one common project.

                      Musical liberalism is the main aim of the band

Music Borders : With which bands you shared the stage and you want to do it again and which bands you eager to share the stage with?

Mission Jupiter : Speaking about foreign bands, we have lately had a chance to perform with some Ukrainian popular bands. We actually have different music styles, but even so we enjoyed the result.  The bands we all definitely wish to join on stage are Massive Attack, Muse, Placebo, and etc.  It’s a pity the Gathering and Queen already can’t be among them.

Music Borders :  Future plans, future live acts and of course your first step called The Architecture, what’s next?

Mission Jupiter : At the moment, we are in the process of recording our second album and preparing some live videos for releasing on our YouTube channel and some other platforms. Btw, the music video for our song from the first album is coming soon. We are also connecting with people who could help us with the shows. A proper tour is one of our most vital goals. No matter how hard it is nowadays to surprise someone with music, we’ll keep making new original material and try to attract new audience.

Music Borders : We also want your wishes for Music Borders Radio !

Mission Jupiter : We wish Music Borders Radio to collect millions of listeners and become as popular as a great world class band.  We also wish you inspiration and creativity! Lots of hugs from MJ!

You can find them everywhere !

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I’ve been watch them closely the last 9 months. 
The single “Will you be loved” dropped on me by accident and then I became fan of the band when I heard the live version of “The sea of hopes part 2”
Me and Music Borders Radio would like to thank personally Carlo Belloti the Epictronic leader for the assistance.
A new dimension of sound came to our ears with the Mission Jupiter’s alternative dream rock, sometimes jazzy, sometimes rock but still exciting and true.
Keep up the good work and please be patient.

Your journey just began Mission Jupiter!

Danny Abas

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