Zumbi the interview…English version

Usually when we listen to  trip hop, we think about the other side of Atlantic. How much of your cultural heritage is in your own music project and how much comes from the rest of the world?

Most of it comes from around the world. We love American hip-hop, but most of American hip hop is Misogynist and four letter word.

Your new album was out a few months ago. Where did you choose to record and mix this?

After listening to your great stuff, it seems that you selected some analog way, right? Emotional or technical choices? We recorded the album over 5 years period. We recorded the album at Jerry studio and a lot at other studios around Hollywood. Yes some of the song were record analog. We just had to go with what we had at the time.

Speaking about downtempo, this is easy to fall in many clichés. In your opinion, are you bringing  something new in the scene?

No we are not, because nothing is new anymore. When you listen to music today, nothing is new, Everything has been done before.  I have 10 thousand CD and thousand of vynil. You show me something new today, I can bring you a album that sound just like it.

Changes in the  line-up are never easy for a band. Do you think it’s easy to regain a balance,  not only in the band but also towards the audience?

We started out as a 5 piece band, then we went down to 3. We can’t find one of the member and the other one is still on drugs. When we play live we will add a bass player and drummer.

The artwork of the album is really important. Can you tell us something about it?

In which measure the band has the final word about the artwork? My friend Jose is a artist and he came up with the art work. I asked him to create something for us. He creates all my art work, he is great.

Speaking of the creative process: can you tell us something about the “birth” of a new song?

It start out with Jerry or Jason given me beat to listen to and pick the ones I like. I drive around to the beat to vibe  with the songs and come up with lyrics. I have already wrote half of the new songs.

Which famous musicians have you learned from?

I learn from all of them, I listen to a lot of music. Prince is one that comes write to my mind.

How has your work changed since you began?

Everything is more Hip Hop and more Pop. I think people don’t try to hard to be different anymore.

What plans do you have to promote the album? Maybe your release label will help you this time?

The label is helping and we are gonna put out a couple more video.

Do you want to say something to our readers

thank you for giving us a chance to talk to you, and please try to pick up our album.

Thank you very much for the interview.

No thank you and God Bless

Danny Abas

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