Casagrande speaks for his music on Music Borders

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Hello Simone and welcome. So, Casagrande, a prog-thrash band from Italy, nice quality! Tell us a few words about the band’s history, your influences, and about the time when you started the band.

Long, long ago, when I was 19 I produced a demo-tape of 6 songs using a primitive DAW. In 1999 after some months without being playing in a band I wondered if digital recordings would have improved in the meantime and I tried again. Unfortunately, at that time “mixing in the box” was only a dream. 10 years later that dream came through, and here I am!

A new album is out from Soman Records and also a new video for the song “Dying Forever”. Give us some info regarding the new album and video.

The album is basically a collection of all my recording experiments. Someone believed in me and decided to publish it. The video is another of my experiments in video editing. My bedroom in my father’s house in Italy is painted green. So I wanted to try editing a movie taken there using the chroma keyer on it… I think it is not that bad. The video tries to visualize the meaning of the song which could somehow be a follow-up of another song “Theories”.

You’re a very fresh project, but you’ve already had some nice reviews on the internet and many likes on your Facebook page. I believe that this is a great step for the band right?

Yes, it is. My standards are way far worse than the current situation.

Tell us a few words about your experience on recordings and stage! How do you feel?

I am terrible at recording sessions. I make a lot of mistakes, especially during the solos… I am the opposite on stage, it is very strange. Anxiety takes over my mind if I am alone!

Some musicians hate interviews because they hate talking about themselves! But I have to ask. What are your main personal influences and background of studies in music?

My main influences are the so-called Big Four of thrash, but I would swap Anthrax with Testament or Sepultura. We may count in many other bands as Doors, Beetles, Queen. I am nearly a self-taught guitarist even if, I studied a bit of accordion with my father during secondary school. Please don’t ask me to play it…

Is your style still popular in Italy? Are there a lot of new bands in this style?

Nope. I am afraid we are close to extinction.

I read somewhere that you don’t play concerts very often.  Before this damned virus, of course! Is that true and if so, why is that?

We don’t have a stable line-up. Certain songs have been recorded with a real bassist and drummer. But I am playing everything myself elsewhere. I had a plan to set up an old school thrash cover band, but my company went bankrupt. I had to move to London to find a new job and since then I am too busy to consider it.

Has the internet and social media helped the band or not? And if yes, how so?

Of course. To be honest, is the only place you can find it. Now you can send your stuff via the internet. In my early days, anything should have mailed, with a lot of effort of money, and time. A web page can show you to the world. Youtube can broadcast your video for free.

What’s the next step for Casagrande right now?

If I had free time like in the past I could work on new songs, but during Christmas times I have been really busy working. I wish to publish a new record before to die.

Is there something else that you wish to share with us?

Apparently, there’s huge censorship against people who do not totally follow the “mainstream media” guidelines, so I just want to thank you for this interview. I hope to have another similar opportunity in the future.

Peppy Panou