Hot Sunday Blood. They are hot, they are Italians and they play dark alternative metal. (English version)

Hi! Please introduce yourselves to us.

Hi! We are an alternative metal band from Turin, Northern Italy. We released three full-length albums during our career which started in 2013. Our music embraces a variety of styles from grunge to black metal influences.
How did you get started with music?

We discovered we have something to say and we decided to begin saying it. It started with a very light mind, without pressures, just to see what we are capable of.

Give us a few words about your last album “Kein Licht”

Kein Licht is a concept album mainly based on the loss of emotions. The lack of something seen through emotional structures, such as resignation, disillusion, grief. There is not a story told through the songs, but more like a common theme.

Do you have a steady line-up in the band? How important is this for a band?

In the beginning, as usual we had some line-up changes but in the last couple of years we managed to have a more stable formation. This helps a lot especially when preparing live shows, because you build trust with your band mates.

You are a very unique band. What is exactly your style?

There is no style, there is a mixture of influences that delivers our music. We like to use the term “alternative metal” because is very vague and may mean different things…
But the truth is that there are five people with different taste and emotions that work together. The outcome is not predetermined and always a bit different. Our style can be described with these words: dark, energy, pain.

Are you happy with your label Snooky Records?

Marzio is a friend of us and helped a lot in arranging our music and recepting our inputs, which he translated in music using his great experience.

Who created your cover and what is this about?

The cover was created by Alessandra, another friend of us.
Here is her instagram page you should check it out, she is very talented!
“Kein Licht” means “No Light” and she elaborated the concept by creating a lightless sun, something that in opposition to his role withdraw light from you.

What are your future plans?

We had many plans, but the pandemic ruined them all. We are slowly restarting, composing new songs, which will be included in our new album… but we have not a release date yet, we are in the early stages.

Your singer has a very technical voice and seems to know exactly what he is doing. Is this important for a musician to study as the time passes?

It’s important to stay curious and be ready to be influenced. And this is important and true for every instrument.

How did you come up with the name “Hot Sunday Blood”?

It’s a mood. On Sunday you should relax yourself but your inner troubles hold you back and you keep having bad thoughts. Having “hot blood” is the literal translation of an Italian expression which means feeling angry, out of place and in a general bad mood.

You’ve played a lot of shows to promote your albums. How have fans responded so far?

Generally speaking shows were much appreciated, even if this album is not that easy listening, we’re extremely satisfied by all the feedback we’ve got so far.

Which bands would you love to play with one day?

There are many… if we have to pick three I’d say Katatonia, Pyogenesis and Korn!

Thanks very much for the interview! Is there anything you would like to add?

You can find us here!

Listen to our music and drop a comment if you feel it’s worth!

Peppy Panou

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