Top 30 (Greek section)

1.Redeye Caravan – Marie Celeste
2.Keep Shelly in Athens – Early
3.Christos Tambouratzis Ft Blue Raspberry & Mihail Yossifov – Wake up Shake up
4.Thomais de Fois – A Poem
5.Alex Kavvadias & Sma Rag Da – Hush
6.Culture Of Digital Elegance – Words
7.Common Sense GR – Bitter
8.Marios Politis – Stay
9.Grande Fox – Hangman
10.The Bittersweet – Numbers

11.Τheo & The Boogie Sinners – Atomic World
12.Oceandust – All yours
13.COUNTOWN – Κόσμος Τοξικός
14.Silent Winter – Shout
15.LAST CHANCE feat. Brian Dalton – Unleashed!
16.LAST CHANCE – feat. ONE of VAS – The Child I Never Was
17.The Quiz – Waiting for you
18.Bill Randen – A Love Gone Wrong
19.Yellow Devil Sauce – Temple
20.TS Chris – Call my Name

21.One Of Vas – Agony
22.Sidus – Pale Dot
23.Ayfel – Fly
24.Jamoan – Σ’ ένα Κόσμο Μαγικό
25.KATSOU feat. D. MANWLAS – Dark is Me (Last Chance Remix by Dimitris Papaspyropoulos)
28.Spinball – Betty K
29.The Black Tabasco Project – Not A Doubt
30.KID MOXIE & MAPS – Better Than Electric (Last Chance Remix by Dimitris Papaspyropoulos)

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